Behavior Management Educational
Technology System

Who can benefit from STI-BMETS

How can STI system benefit teachers and educators

STI will give teachers and educators the critical information needed to recognize the function and reasoning for the target behavior. Students functioning of the target behavior is to escape or avoid work etc. STI will recognize and analyze data to give teachers critical feedback to help recognize the function of the target behavior. Low reading scores, low comprehension or study skills etc. will be defined from STI behavior management system.

Knowledge/Positive Leadership Skills: STI data will train teachers to not only recognize target and functional behaviors but also give them the knowledge and tools to replace problem behaviors with school-appropriate behaviors that meet students underlying needs.

Reinforce Proactive Interventions: STI behavior management system data will give teachers and educators the tool they need to reinforce interventions and better manage their classrooms by being more proactive with student’s behavior. By using STI data teachers will be able to create and use proactive interventions and to use tools of positive reinforcement to increase a student’s overall prosocial functioning.
Positive Behavior Support plan: STI behavior management educational system can help teachers and educators recognize, create and come up with a positive behavior support plan to help decrease a student’s risky, intimidating, defensive or anxious behaviors and to increase specifically targeted replacement behaviors and therapeutic rapport to help manage classrooms and to increase educational student outcomes.