Behavior Management Educational
Technology System

How STI-BMETS works

How does the STI-BMET System work

The system would have two main user roles:
1. Students
2. Teachers

The program will keep track of answers and will grade the student at the end. This helps identify of what the student needs to improve based on the based on the feedback from the system. This helps us with an indication of mental ability to be a leader or a follower.
The educational program will automatically adjust the level to make it harder or easier depending on the students answers to relevant questions or scenarios.

STI behavioral management system will help teachers and educators create positive behavior support plans. This platform recognizes that all behavior serves a purpose and that overtime factors exist in one’s environment that help maintain both prosocial and problem behaviors. STI behavior management system uses direct observational tools to identify each student’s target or maladaptive behaviors and to systematically identify behavioral antecedents, or the specific events, situations of circumstances within a student’s environment that precede each behavior. This approach helps educators to recognize the function of each behavior, or what need the student is trying to meet by engaging in the behavior. Understanding why a behavior may be occurring (the function of the behavior) is essential to increasing a student’ prosocial engagement and academic development because it enables the educator to identify and to teach students more positive, school-appropriate behaviors that meet their underlying needs. Antecedents, a student who is drawing pictures instead of working on his class assignment may react by cursing or throwing a pencil when his teacher tells him to finish the task. The teacher may discover verbal requests to work and other demands are antecedents that trigger problem behaviors.